Robot Vera will find top candidates for you

Vera makes a selection of the most appropriate candidates
Vera can make a perfect selection from job sites or your own database in a few minutes
Vera calls the candidates or answers their calls
Vera screens candidates, gives out vacancy details, asks the necessary questions & answers candidates’ questions
Vera makes video interviews with the best candidates
Vera holds video interviews with short-listed candidates & recognises their emotions
How does she do it?
Online Interview
For those candidates who are interested in your job offer, Vera will propose an online interview, you can try it in the browser right now. Check the example of the interview.

Vera finds top candidates 10 times faster than a human
Besides this, Robot Vera can
Delete duplicated CVs
Robot Vera removes all duplicated CVs. You do not have to worry about emailing or calling one candidate twice.
Work on different vacancies
Robot Vera successfully works on completely different vacancies, from cashiers to leading IT-developers.
We make the recruitment process easier
No missing out on any talent interested in your vacancy. No need of additional resourcing.
> 200
enterprise companies
Have already used Vera to get qualified candidates
phone interviews
Completed by Vera in the period of work
video interviews
Held by Vera with candidates for a variety of positions
Our references
Every year we receive thousands of résumés from people willing to work at IKEA Retail Russia. The initial selection is very extensive work requiring significant time resources from our HR specialists. This was what drove the idea to try the new approach and use Robot Vera.
Daniela Rogosic
The robot recruiter is capable of interviewing 1,500 job candidates in nine hours, a task that would take human recruiters nine weeks. Vera frees HR staff from routine, non-interesting work. They can spend theirtime to bettersupport hiring managers, working with databases, do better assessments and provide more training.
Natalya Sumbaeva
Talent acquisition manager for Russia and the CIS, PepsiCo
The leading global media write about Vera
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