Robot Vera will find employees for you

Vera selects suitable resumes from 5 job sites
Vera can make a selection of 5 job sites according to your requirements in a few minutes
Vera will call the candidates and tell them about the job
Using modern technologies, Vera can call the candidates and recognize their speech
Vera will interview the best candidates
Vera will send a description of the job to all candidates and will hold a
video interview
How does she do it?
Finds CVs upon your request
Vera is connected to 5 job sites. Enter a short request and you will see the amount of active candidates on the largest job resources.

Career Builder -
1 million

Online Interview
For those candidates who are interested in your job offer, Vera will propose an online interview, you can try it in the browser right now. Check the example of the interview.

This is the best alternative to active search of employees
Besides this, Robot Vera can
Delete duplicate CVs
Robot Vera removes all matches (same profiles) of CVs after searching on several job sites. You do not have to worry about e-mailing or calling one candidate twice.
Work on different vacancies
Using Robot Vera, our clients closed completely different vacancies, e.g. cashiers and leading engineers.
We make the recruitment process easier
We will help you reach the applicants who do not actively search for a job and do not actively respond to vacancies
2 300
Held by Vera with candidates for a variety of positions
440 000
Completed by Vera in the period of work
> 1 million
Found by Vera at the request of employers at 5 job sites
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Vera hired a secretary in just one day
Global Venture Alliance
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Ask Vera, she will be happy to talk to you :)

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